Get Your Free Income Tax Estimate for 2018 - 2019

H&R Block Tax Estimator

You can use the H&R Block Tax Estimator to quickly and easily calculate what your refund will be or how much you'll owe. Then, HR Block will tell you what documentation you need to prepare your taxes for filing with the IRS.

The H&R Block Free Tax Estimator Calculator will allow you to calculate what your tax amount owed or better yet, how much you will be getting back will be before you do prepare your taxes.

H&R Block offers a FREE Tax Estimator you can use to make filing your taxes a easy task to complete.

For most people one of the most stressful parts of tax preparation time is not knowing what you owe Uncle Sam in additional taxes.

Regardless of whether you will owe or be getting money back, until you have an idea of where you stand life can be more uncertain, and yes, full of stress.

Use the Free H&R Block Tax Estimator to find out where you stand so you can alleviate the uncertainty, accept your situation and work toward it's resolve.

How to use the H&R Block Tax Estimator

It's really a very simple process, you start by selecting your filing status, Select filing status Single, Married filing jointly, Married filing separately, Head of household, Qualifying widow(er)

Then enter your age as on 12/31 of the tax year your filing.

Then enter your total wages for the tax year and your on your way to your estimated taxes, it's that simple...

Not knowing if your will owe, how much you will owe, or if you will be getting a refund is always going to leave you uncomfortable.

Use the H&R Block Free tax estimator calculator to get a estimate of what your taxes will be. Know ahead of time weather you will owe taxes or will be getting a refund.

That's right it is FREE to use, try it out for yourself to see how easy it is to use!

HR Block continues to make tax preparation time an easier process every year with the continuous evolvement of their software programs.

I find that year after year the task of preparing my return is less and less intimidating.

Keep your tax bill down with deductions

By selecting your filing status and answering questions about dependants and other deductions you can keep your tax bill to a minimum.

Nobody like to pay taxes so paying more than you have to is a real bad way to stay on your toes financially. There are many tax benefits, deductions and credits available for all of us so using quality tax services can be a vital part of keeping you wallet padded.

Give the H&R Block Tax Estimator a try and see how well it helps you lower your tax bill and stay on top of tax liability all year long...